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Collections Mission


The collections mission is to preserve, exhibit, and actively enhance the collections of the Morris County Historical Society (MCHS).The MCHS manages collections relating to the history of Morris County, New Jersey, the Victorian period as it relates to its headquarters at Acorn Hall, and the Schermerhorn and Crane-Hone families. The Collections Management Policy details the scope of the collection, its mission, and how objects are added to the collection. For questions about the policy, donating an object, or doing research in the collection, please contact the Society's Curator, (973)267-3465.


The MCHS contributes to the community by preserving and interpreting its collection of Morris County historical objects and their headquarters property of Acorn Hall. The Society’s collection exists for exhibition, education and inspiration. As stewards of this collection, the Society maintains a well-defined acquisition and deaccession policy that encompasses and supports our Mission Statement and guides us in strengthening the existing collection.


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